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Design Projects & IPs

Voxel has consulted for and worked in collaboration with the most advanced companies in the world to generate state-of-the-art engineering designs.

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Voxel Body Armor



Medical Device Consulting (1).jpg

VOXEL provided the skill and experience to build the instructional guides and training manuals for multiple releases of the Netfabb print preparation tool.

VOXEL has applied functionally graded metamaterials in pursuit of increased safety for high performance applications. VOXEL designs have been tested at NIJ labs proving their effectiveness in reducing backface deformation in comparison to other common methods.

VOXEL provides industry leaders with advanced technology for laparoscopic and open surgical tools.

Voxel Thermal Management


Voxel Winch Handle


VOXEL technology supports efforts in the marine industry by allowing for even lighter racing components to be produced, while still retaining the high performance demanded of them.

VOXEL has found that through the integration of advanced functionally graded metamaterials and computational fluid dynamics, high efficiency heat sinks and heat exchangers can be produced and tailored for unique applications.

US Air Force Additive Manufacturing Olympics
F-16 Hydroclamp



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